Project Info

Coregami is an American clothing company that specializes in high-performance formal wear for men. Founded by concert violinist and avid athlete, Coregami specializes in “performal” wear, which combines athletic functionality with formal aesthetics.

When Coregami first came to us, they have one single product they want to sell through an online store. We recommended Shopify, helped them set it up, and they quickly sold out of their flagship product within days. A year later, we helped revamp the website with fresh layout, new banner images, and custom hand-drawn icons. We also modified the Shopify template and added dashboard controls so Coregami can change images, colors, and text all with a few clicks.

Shopify (Liquid), HTML/CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator
Website Design & Development, Illustration, Photography Touch-up
Coregami 1
Coregami 2
Coregami 3
Coregami 4
Coregami 5
Coregami Banner Photo 1
Coregami Banner Photo 2
Coregami Banner Photo 3
Coregami Banner Photo 4
Coregami Banner Photo 5
Coregami Banner Photo 6