Bxtel - Whack A Mole

Project Info

Bxtel is a startup specializing in hearing-related iOS app development. Bxtel developed several variations of native iOS Apps with different functions to help alleviate symptoms of tinnitus.

Whack-A-Mole is an iPad game made for entertaining younger patients who are waiting to take their hearing test. The objective of the game is to tap (or "whack") on the animal as each pokes its head out from the hole. If tapped before the animal retreats back into the hole, a point is collected. We designed the background of the game and the different character sprites before and after they've been "whacked".

Photoshop, Illustrator
App Design, Illustration
Bxtel Whack A Mole 1
Bxtel Whack A Mole 2
Bxtel Whack A Mole 3
Bxtel Whack A Mole 4