Bxtel - Enhanced Ears

Project Info

Bxtel is a startup specializing in hearing-related iOS app development. Bxtel developed several variations of native iOS Apps with different functions to help alleviate symptoms of tinnitus (the feeling of a high pitched, consistent and irritating sound in the patient's ears). We've collaborated with Bxtel since the inception of their first app, creating app icons, UI / UX, and custom illustration for parts of the app that involves instructions and walk-through.

Enhanced Ears is a hearing-aid app bundled with an accurate hearing test. After using the hearing test to automatically configure the app, user can listen to voice or sound through the app. The app enhances the sound by removing or amplifying certain frequencies that's difficult for the user to hear, then directly streams it on device (i.e. iPad), so they can listen to (and enjoy) a speech in real time.

Photoshop, Illustrator
Branding, App Design, UI Design, Illustration
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