Project Info

Engvest Commercial Realty is a Full Service Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm. The founder Daniel and I first shook hands at a local startup community event, and as faith would have it, one year later we met again to work on his company website (the power of networking!). Our goal is to not only make the existing website polished and mobile-friendly, but also to add localization (language translation) to better service Engvest's Chinese- and Spanish-speaking customers.

Using the existing brand color, we designed a website that puts content first. Many call-to-actions were placed strategically on the homepage to encourage visitors to browse Engvest's commercial properties. To reduce hours spent on filing paperwork faxed in by customers, we developed a set of digital forms and lease applications, so customers can fill out the forms online, and with a click of a button, an email is generated to Engvest's inbox with all the information.

In August 2017, with the new alliance between Engvest and Sperry CGA, we rebranded the website and added functionality to pull news generated by Sperry CGA directly into Engvest's website. We also reintegrated with Sperry CGA's preferred property and agent listing tool.

Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML/CSS/JS
Website Design & Development
Engvest 1: Responsive and mobile-friendly webiste in four languages
Engvest 2: Homepage redesign during the new partnership with Sperry CGA
Engvest 3: Integration with Sperry CGA's press page to bring in the latest industy news